Reflexive Pronouns Alıştırmalar, Testler ve Örnekler

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İngilizce Sözlüğe Girmek İçin Tıklayın.

Boş yerlere dönüşlü adıllardan doğru olanını koyunuz.
1 John cut … while he was shaving this moming.

2 Although Charles is only four years old he can dress . . .
3 Old Mrs Black slipped on a banana skin but didn’t

hurt ….

4 Children a1ways enjoy … at the seaside.

5 The food is on the table. Please helf … to meat.

6 We came out of the swiınıning poo and dried … carefully.
7 Mary weighs … every moming on the sca1es.

8 Peter knows an old man who taught ……….. to read and write.

9 Tomorrow is a holiday so i can please …….. about how i

s~nd the day.

10 Lıttle Charles is very dirty, he must wash … at once.
11 Dur mother always worries … when her children come
home Iate from school,

12     Glynis and Iulia are leaming judo so that they can defend
if necessary.

13 Mother birds look af ter their young until theyare strong

enough to feed . .. .

14 Have a good joumey and look af ter . .. .

15 Grandfather likes a good wa1k but he must not tire . . .
16 She is very poor and denies … food to give it to her


17 it is very cold outside so wrap … up well.

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