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Position Department Number Release Date
Device administratorDongguang 2 2023-05-06
最高学历:大学专科及以上内容时长:不限月入:3000-600元/月工作岗位描叙:1. 承当仪器、安全装置的注册建档工作的;2. 对于多种机械形成方法导则及需要维护检修、日常性养护导则;3. 负责任机械高发常见故障的清查和检查维修及机械升級改良;4. 责任检修中设备零配件折旧的抽样检测鉴定结论,及废料件、次件的净化处理善后处理作业,并要做好记录表;5. 操作设配问题的调查分析一下、分析一下和整理工做,做到设配问题的托运入档;就职能力:1. 大专及左右本科文凭,机制生产加工、不间断自己化等涉及行业2. 五年这些关于生产机器设备售后维修事业相关经验值,2年这些生产机器设备监管事业相关经验值;有较好的研发创新和开发技术及用手实际的技能;

Job requirements:1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer science.2. Have relevant work experience of 3 years and above.3. Familiar with SAP related modules.4. Strong communication, coordination and management skills.5. Hardworking and be able to withstand the pressure.

If you are interested, please send your resume to the email:
StatisticianDongguang 1 2023-05-06
StatisticianEducation: college degree or aboveAge: UnlimitedMonthly salary: 3000-4000 yuan / monthJob description[job description]1. Responsible for daily inventory, statistics and summary;2. Temporary work assigned by leaders.[job requirements]1. college degree or above; Major in finance or statistics; Men and women are not limited.2. have excellent comprehensive quality and good professional ethics.3. strong self-motivated and initiative.[benefits]1. Basic salary + performance + quarterly bonus + year-end bonus;2. One day off per week, free board and lodging;3. Enjoy legal social insurance.

If you are interested, please send your resume to the email:
Procurement SupervisorBeijing 1 2023-05-06
Education: Bachelor degree or aboveAge: under 28Monthly salary: 5000-8000 yuan / monthJob responsibilities:1. Responsible for purchasing related business of Ricoh Beijing Branch;2. Carry out current account docking with the Finance Department of the head office;3. Assist leaders in personnel management related work.Job requirements:1. Bachelor degree or above, major in finance, CET-6 or above.2. Working experience in human resource management or finance is preferred.3. Good personality, strong principles, flexible and appropriate methods of handling affairs;4. Good plasticity and strong learning ability; Self motivated and highly motivated.5. Under 28 years old.Salary and treatment:1. Salary composition: monthly basic salary + performance appraisal:2. Provide Apple's latest MacBook Air for office use. 
Employee benefits:1. 7-hour working system, weekend weekend;2. Enjoy all national legal holidays;3. 20 days of extra long paid annual leave.4. Five insurances and one fund.

If you are interested, please send your resume to the email: