Fight against novel coronavirus pneumonia, we are in action!

2023-05-06 Font size    
In recent days, the epidemic situation of pneumonia infected by novel coronavirus has become increasingly serious. A campaign against novel coronavirus pneumonia without gunsmoke has been launched nationwide. Our company attaches great importance to it, takes prompt action, makes careful deployment, pays close attention to the epidemic situation and actively prepares for epidemic prevention.In the face of the sudden epidemic, like textile urgently held a middle-level meeting and a party member meeting on the third floor of the company to make specific arrangements for the prevention and control of the epidemic.At the meeting, chairman wangqingmin first introduced the basic situation of the epidemic and stressed the seriousness of the epidemic. We must pay attention to it and ask middle-level leaders to convey the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control to every employee. Subsequently, specific arrangements were made for the company's epidemic prevention and control work:1. Take the Department as the unit, organize and carry out e-learning, and require every employee to participate. The learning contents include the basic knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, the publicity of positive energy in epidemic prevention and the scientific protection knowledge of epidemic situation.2. Set up an epidemic prevention and control team, and divide the work to every corner to ensure the best epidemic prevention and control.3. Set up a duty team to register and check the personnel entering and leaving the company and the family building to ensure that there is no epidemic.Finally, the chairman stressed once again that there was no need to panic in the face of the epidemic, that there should be no rumors, no rumors, and scientific prevention and control. Party members should play a positive leading role, actively publicize the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, and actively participate in the work of epidemic prevention and control.