İngilizce Sesli Hikayeler – The Sewer Snake

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Kolay anlaşılabilen bir İngilizce Hikaye. Read More →

Cat and Mouse in Partnership – İngilizce Hikayeler

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Cat and Mouse in Partnership A certain cat had made the acquaintance of a mouse, and had said so much to her about the great love and friendship she felt for her, that at length the mouse agreed that they should live and keep house together. ‘But we must make a provision for winter, or else we shall suffer from hunger,’ said the cat; ‘and you, little mouse, cannot venture everywhere, or you will be caught... 

A Summary of The Conquest 1453 İngilizce Hikayeler

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PART ONE – A SUMMARY OF THE CONQUEST 1 Reminder: Many historical sources refer to the Greek Empire in İstanbul in the 15th century as the “Byzantine” Empire. This is because the ancient name of the city of İstanbul was Byzantium. Then, in 330 AD Roman Emperor Constantine I rebuilt the city and made it his capital. ugg boots pas cher The city had a new name; “Constantinople”, that is, city of Constantine....