9.Sınıf İngilizce Ortalama Yükseltme Sınavı Konuları

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İngilizce Sözlüğe Girmek İçin Tıklayın.


1- What is your name? Describe yourself.

2- Talk about your family? Your father, mother, sister, brother etc.

3- What is the weather like today? What was the weather like yesterday? What is your favourite weather forceast?

4- Where were you born? When were you born? When was Atatürk born? Where was Atatürk born?

5- Which sports do you like best? Talk about it? Is it a team or individual sport? How many players do we need? etc..

6- How can we go to school from your home? Can you tell us?

7- I feel bored today. What can you recommend me? List at least 3 activities?

8- What are your wishes? List your five wishes.

9- What must we do to protect environment? List five advice.

10- Read the following passage aloud.

“But their peace was broken. They heard the engines rumble, then throb quietly, and a minute later the ship began to move. The cruise commenced downstream, away from Aswan and back toward Cairo, so that they could visit Abydos; they would come back to Luxor for their day in the valley of the Kings. Jane went and got her coat and they went up on deck to see the departure, along with most of the other passengers. The dark shadows of the Luxor and Karnak temples slides past. Their voyage had started.”

from Daniel Martin by John Fowles

11- Which one do you prefer: travelling by car or by plane? Talk about your reasons.

12- Which one do you prefer: winter or summer? Talk about your reasons.

13- What would you do if you won the lottery? List at least three things.

14- List three of traffic rules. What must we do? What mustn’t we do?

15- What can you say about following photo? Talk about it.

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