İngilizce a / an Kullanımı Konu Anlatımı İngilizce Konu Anlatım

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İngilizce Sözlüğe Girmek İçin Tıklayın.

A ve An Kullanım Yerleri Konu Anlatımı (ingilizce):
We use a / an when we dorı’t know a person and a thing or when we are talking about someone or something for the first time.
• There is a boy at the door.
• There is a beautiful tlower in the
b) We use a / an with singular countable nouns when we want to say what somebody or something is, or what sorneone ‘s job is.
• It’s a tree.
• This is a board marker.
• She ‘s a shop assistant.
c) We dorı’t use a / an with uncountable or plural nouns. We can use “some, a few, a little, much, many, a lot of’ instead.
• There’s so me water in the jug.
• I’ve got a lot of books.
• He hasn’t got much time.
• We have a few postcards of IstanbuL.
d) We don’t use a / an with adjectives on their own.
• She’s very beautiful.
• It’s too expensive.
• He’s French.
e) We use a / an before an adjective if there is a noun af ter it.
• lt is a comfortable car. He’s a nice boy.
She’s a elever girl.

t) In the meaning of one:
• There’s a man in the car.
• I’ve got a five-pound note.
• We’ve got a dozen pencils.
In the meaning of every, which
• We eat three times a (each) day.
• We have six exams a week.
• The eggs are $1 a dozen.
• A (every) triangle has three corners.
h) Before two nouns which are being referred to as one unit.

There’s a cup and saucer on the table.
The gir! is going to the sand with a bucket and spade.
The warrior has got a sword and shield.
Have you got a knife and fork?

i) Before a unit of sth.
a kilo of tomatoes
a packet of cigarettes
a cup of coffee
a glass of milk
a tube of toothpaste
a loaf of bread
a piece of cheese
a slice of cake
a dozen eggs
a bar of chocolate
a packet of biscuits
a tin of pea s
a can of coke
a bunch of tlowers

• I’Il have a coffee. (a cup of coffee)
All I had for lunch was a yoghurt.

k) In the meaning of “a certain amount of’
• She has a good knowledge of mathematics.
• Have a look at this.
• He has a great love of music.

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