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İngilizce Sözlüğe Girmek İçin Tıklayın.


Ad, soyad:











Cemil was a worker at a building company. He was not rich but he was happy because he had hopes for the future. He was from Pazarcık. He had come to İstanbul 2 years ago. He loved a girl, Cemile. Cemile’s family was rich. Cemil wanted to marry her. However, her father asked for a bride price. He wanted 7000 dollars. Cemil’s father said that it was too much for them and that they couldn’t pay it. Cemile’s father said he wouldn’t let them marry without the said bride price. So Cemil decided to go to İstanbul to work and earn the money.

Cemil’s boss was a humble man. He liked the workers and talked to them like a friend. The workers liked him too. He knew about Cemil’s problem and wanted to help him. Then one day he went to Pazarcık and found Cemile’s father. He talked to him and said that the bride price was and old and bad tradition.

Cemil’s boss: You are selling your daughter!

Cemile’s father: No, I am not. Bride price is our tradition and I respect traditions.

Cemil’s boss: Then why are you asking for 7000 dollars? Why don’t you ask for less?

Cemile’s father: Because my daughter is very beautiful. Everybody wants to marry her.

Cemil’s boss was very angry with him. He left him and went to the Pazarcık Hotel. While walking to the hotel he saw a girl on the street. She was very beautiful. He thought, “What a beautiful girl!”. He would leave Pazarcık that day. However, he wanted to see the girl again. Next day he went to a restaurant for dinner. Then he walked around Pazarcık and took photos. When he was walking he met the girl again. This time he took her photograph. When he went to the hotel he turned on his camera and looked at her pictures. “I love you” he said, looking at the pictures. Then he went to Feda Market and showed the picture to the shopkeeper. “Who is this girl?” he asked the shopkeeper. He said, “This girl is Cemile”.

Cemil’s boss was shocked. He was in love with the girl whom Cemil loved and wanted to marry. She was his worker’s girl. But he loved her too. That evening he thought about it. “What shall I do?” he asked himself. “If I leave Pazarcık now I will be unhappy because I have found the woman of my life. I am rich enough and I can marry her. But if I marry her Cemil will be unhappy. He will also be very angry with me. What shall I do now?”

The following day he went to Anadolu Lisesi and found Şenay Aşıla who was a famous fortune-teller. He told her the problem and asked for her advice. She said, “You must marry Cemile. Forget about Cemil. He is a bad boy.” Then Cemil’s boss went to Cemile’s father.

Cemil’s boss: I will give you 7000 dollars.

Cemile’s father: Good man! You want to make Cemil happy.

Cemil’s boss: No. I want to make myself happy. I love your daughter. I want to marry her.

Cemile’s father: Alright man. That doesn’t matter. The man who gives me 7000 dollars can marry my daughter.

Two days later Cemil’s boss and Cemile got married. They lived happily ever after.

What happened to Cemil? Well, he was so unhappy that he became a black cat.

Ad, soyad:

Aà     Answer the questions about the story.

  1. Why did Cemil go to İstanbul?
  2. Why did Cemil’s boss go to Pazarcık?
  3. Was Cemile’s father angry with Cemil’s boss when he said he wanted to marry his daughter?
  4. Why did Cemil’s boss go to Şenay?

Bà     What do the underlined words refer to?

  1. He, line 4:
  2. Them, line 5:
  3. Them, line 6:
  4. He, line 11:
  5. Him, line 19:
  6. He, line 27:

Cà     Complete the sentences with the words in the box

measles                   avoid                     lottery                     upset                   superstitious
  1. If you want to be healthy, you must _____________ smoking.
  2. What is the problem with you? You look very _____________.
  3. John has red spots all over his face he has _____________.
  4. Mehmet is very _____________. He believes that he will be rich if he steps on his own shadow.
  5. Although George thinks he is very lucky, he never buys _____________ tickets.

Dà     Complete the sentences using the comparative forms of the adverbs in the box.

willingly                        slowly                     well                      softly                      carefully
  1. After the accident he began to drive _________________.
  2. Kamil become a good man. He helped the poor _________________ than before.
  3. You must touch a baby _________________ than a table.
  4. I understand maths _________________ than English because I am an engineer.
  5. A Mercedes usually goes _________________ than a Ferrari.

Eà     Complete the questions with question tags.

  1. You work in Pazarcık, ______________?
  2. Mehmet’s wife believes him, ______________?
  3. These students speak English, ______________?
  4. Your brother is a teacher, ______________?
  5. You didn’t understand me, ______________?

Fà      Rewrite the following sentences using although, despite, or in spite of

  1. Mehmet has a beautiful jacket but he doesn’t wear it.
  2. Şükran is Turkish but she lives in Japan.
  3. Her brother didn’t want her to marry Kamil but she married him.

Gà     Rewrite the following sentences using relative pronouns.

  1. Hamit works for a company. The company produces oil.
  2. Cemil’s boss married a girl. Cemil loved the girl.
  3. Kemal has bought a computer. The computer has 4 processors.
  4. You are learning a language. People speak it all around the world.
  5. The questions were very easy. Mr. Yılmaz asked them.

33 questions in all

3 points each

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