10.Sınıf İngilizce 1.Dönem 2.Yazılı Soruları

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İngilizce Sözlüğe Girmek İçin Tıklayın.


AD, SOYAD:                                                             NO:

PART I Common Writing Mistakes. Find the mistake and correct it. (2 points each)

  1. They took him to them house.
  2. He anxioused when he saw them.
  3. Charles said her he wanted to marry her.
  4. He was not interested about her now.
  5. He spoke his old friend.
  6. He was so bad teacher.
  7. It was very bored for her.
  8. Noone knew her name.
  9. An accident became.
  10. She did cakes.
  11. He got bored from school.
  12. His friends were angry him.
  13. Nancy was died.
  14. He wanted to a car.
  15. Mr. Brown was kind man.
  16. He gave his pencil Ayşe.
  17. He felt down on the ground.
  18. Him father was ill.
  19. He saw big cat.
  20. Hakan Şükür plays very good.
  21. Jennifer fell in love to him.
  22. Her mother had been died.
  23. Some men were kidnap the child.
  24. Ahmet is older then Mehmet.
  25. And than he went home.
  26. Malcolm did not afraid of this house.
  27. Her mother was very beautiful a woman.
  28. Matthew and his sister were looked like each other.
  29. Did you see him at the mosque last night? He was dressing a huge black coat.

30.  This soup is smelling deliciously. Would you like to have some?

31.  I like İbrahim Tatlıses very much. He sings so beautiful.

32.  Usually he is feeling very happy, but now he is feeling terrible.

33.  He decided to buy an other car.

34.  The child is crying because he is wanting a new toy.

35.  He can’t talk to you now because he talks to Ahmet.

PART II Reading



Berkant was a bad-tempered man. He was also a drunk. This caused his only son, Kazım, to feel depressed, because he knew that drinking damaged his health and that he beat him whenever he drank. Kazım loved his father because he was his only relative: his mother had died when he was three years old. He could not see his father as he was a shift worker. Every night he tried to keep awake in order to see him. But when he came he would begin drinking. And then Kazım would fall asleep unhappily.





Having a drunk father gave Kazım’s friends a bad impression. They didn’t want to talk to him. They didn’t invite him when they gave parties. He was left all alone. He talked to the psychological consultant of the school about this. He advised him to have a cat. He went to a pet shop. The shopkeeper looked like a nice man. He behaved very kindly to his customers.

-Welcome young man, how can I help you?

-Hi. I want a cat.

-What kind of cat shall that be?

-It depends on the price, I think.

When the shopkeeper heard this, his face changed suddenly. In fact, he was a greedy man.

“How much do you have?” he asked coldly. Kazım said he could pay no more than 10 YTL. The man began to laugh. He said he could not buy even a little black cat with that. Kazım came out crying. Then he decided to catch a cat. But he was too young for it: he could not run as fast as a cat, and therefore he could not catch a cat. Suddenly he remembered Ramazan, the king of garbage men. He had seen him running after cats and filling them into a big sack. Surely he could help him. He went up to Ramazan.

-Hello Mr. Ramazan. Can you get me a cat, please?

-“Well, little boy”, he said smiling. “It depends.”

Kazım knew very well what he meant by it depends. He said he would pay him 10 YTL. Ramazan looked very happy. His eyes were shining. “I can get you any cat for it, my boy.” he said. “What kind of cat would you like?”.

QUESTIONS (1point each)

What do the underlined words refer to?

  1. “this” in line 1:
  2. “he” in line 4:
  3. “he” in line 9:
  4. “that” in line 17:
  5. “it” in line 18:
  6. “it” in line 25:

Answer the following questions.

  1. Why didn’t Kazım have any friends?
  2. Why did Kazım want to have a cat?
  3. Why did the shopkeeper laugh at Kazım?
  4. Why did Kazım decide to ask Ramazan for help?
  5. When Kazım asked for help Ramazan said “it depends.”. What did it depend on?

Are the following True or False? Correct if false.

  1. Kazım did not like his father because he was a drunk.
  2. His friends didn’t know anything about Kazım’s father.
  3. The shopkeeper wasn’t really a nice man.
  4. Ramazan doesn’t care about money. He likes helping children.

PART III Writing (15 points)

What are the three most important reasons for lack of sleep?

Paragraphs, explanations, examples, and persuasion: 5 points

Clarity and grammar: 5 points

Use of English (how effectively and fluently you use it, what extraordinary and beautiful expressions you use, etc.): 5 points


15 points in all.

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