9.Sınıf İngilizce Reading Sınavı

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İngilizce Sözlüğe Girmek İçin Tıklayın.

9.Sınıf İngilizce Reading Sınav Soruları

Kazım spoke to his father about his problem. He listened to him carefully and said, “Look, son. I am older than you and I know more. And I believe that you mustn’t do it.” That evening Kazım thought about it. He wanted to leave the school. He wanted to work and earn money for his family, because they were very poor. He was a very good student. He talked to his teachers about it too and they thought the same as his father. They said, “Kazım, you are a very good and intelligent student. You can go to university and then have a good job. If you have a good job you can have a lot of money and help your family.” But Kazım was in 9th grade at that time. That meant eight more years at school. “No, my family hasn’t got any money. They can’t wait eight years more. So I am leaving school tomorrow.”

He left the school and began to work. He didn’t earn a lot because he was only a child. But he felt happy because he could help his family. His father wasn’t happy about it but he couldn’t stop him. Eight years later he met Kamil, one of his friends from high school. Kamil looked very rich. When he was at high school his family was poor, too. But he didn’t leave school like Kazım. Now he had finished university and had a good job.

“Hello Kazım, do you remember me” he said.

“Of course I remember you”, said Kazım, “We were good friends at school but then, you know, I left school”

“You left school for your family and it was good thing. You were right. You helped your family. I understand you. What do you do now?

“I am a mechanic. I repair cars. But these days business is bad and we don’t earn much.

“Really? I want to help you because you are my friend. I want to give you some money. Here you are.”

“Thank you very much Kamil but I can’t take it because it is your money, I didn’t earn it.”

“I am sorry my friend, you are a proud boy. I forgot it. Forgive me please. Can I make a suggestion?”

“Yes, please.”

“My company needs a good mechanic and I am sure you are a good one. Would you like to work with me? You can earn good money?”

“Well, it sounds good. I like your suggestion. Shall I start tomorrow?”

Answer the questions

1)      Did Kazım’s father want him to leave school?

2)      Kazım’s teachers didn’t want him to leave school. Why not?

3)      Why did Kazım leave school?

4)      Was Kamil rich when he was at high school?

5)      Kamil wanted to help Kazım but he made a big mistake. What was it?

6)      Kazım didn’t take Kamil’s money. Why not?

What do the underlined words refer to?

1)      “he”, line 1:

2)      “that”, line 8:

3)      “it”, line 11:

4)      “it”, line 23:

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